The Semver support comes from

You can use this to compare released and installed versions of the firmware.

consult the above github repo for more information on using the functions defined in this header.




typedef struct semver_version_s semver_t

semver_t struct


int semver_satisfies(semver_t x, semver_t y, const char *op)

Set prototypes

int semver_satisfies_caret(semver_t x, semver_t y)
int semver_satisfies_patch(semver_t x, semver_t y)
int semver_compare(semver_t x, semver_t y)
int semver_compare_version(semver_t x, semver_t y)
int semver_compare_prerelease(semver_t x, semver_t y)
int semver_gt(semver_t x, semver_t y)
int semver_gte(semver_t x, semver_t y)
int semver_lt(semver_t x, semver_t y)
int semver_lte(semver_t x, semver_t y)
int semver_eq(semver_t x, semver_t y)
int semver_neq(semver_t x, semver_t y)
int semver_parse(const char *str, semver_t *ver)
int semver_parse_version(const char *str, semver_t *ver)
void semver_render(semver_t *x, char *dest)
int semver_numeric(semver_t *x)
void semver_bump(semver_t *x)
void semver_bump_minor(semver_t *x)
void semver_bump_patch(semver_t *x)
void semver_free(semver_t *x)
int semver_is_valid(const char *s)
int semver_clean(char *s)
struct semver_version_s
#include <semver.h>

semver_t struct

Public Members

int major
int minor
int patch
char *metadata
char *prerelease